Monday, 6 August 2012

Timeshare Resale Scam on the increase around the Globe!

Timeshare Scams are an ever increasing problem for our industry. I noticed an article on and it appears that the problem is worldwide as many of our clients in the UK and Europe complain about similar companies calling them. 

One of our Sales Consultants - recently commented that she saved people thousands of pounds every week by stopping people who are trying to sell timeshare from parting with large sums of money.

A common practice for these companies is to call cold call Timeshare Owners and say they have found a buyer for their timeshare sometimes they say its a corporate buyer. Often the price they say they have achieved for the sale is vastly inflated and much higher than the true resale value. They require a payment (usually between £500 - £1000) to pay for the transfer of ownership and legal fees. This is taken upfront of the sale as security to make sure that you don't pull out of the deal. Often they will send you a fake contract and even a fake letter from a solicitor to say that they are receipt of the funds from the person buying a timeshare

Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies do not "cold call" timeshare owners. They would not normally charge the person selling timeshare for the transfer of ownership, this cost is usually charged to the buyer. Prices for timeshare resales are often less than about 30% of what you would have originally paid for it unless you own a timeshare that is high in demand on the resale market such as Marriott Timeshare or Hilton Points

Our advice to timeshare owners is simple - If you receive a telephone call out of the blue from a Timeshare Resale Company that you never contacted, don't listen to them. The scammers are very convincing and if you let them pitch you, you could be fooled. 

There are some basic guidelines on how to sell timeshare on our website. However if you are looking for independent timeshare advice we would recommend you visit The Timeshare Association website TATOC

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Timeshare Resales Scams on the increase throughout Europe:

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Great deals on Spanish Timeshare Resales!

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